The world of the winegrower

The world of the winegrower

The winegrowers of Bourgogne are proud to welcome you to the heart of their terroir. So many of you come to explore our region and appreciate the beauty of our landscapes. Strolling along the paths between the vines, you’ll often see winegrowers – on foot and in tractors – busy pruning, debudding, trimming back, or harvesting… Like all fine things, our vines need to be cared for and monitored throughout the year, because our vineyard is a place of work for thousands of women and men who make a living from the winegrowing industry. The aim of this booklet is to introduce you to the daily life of winegrowers and their work in the vines throughout the year. We want to show you the challenges we face, and the efforts we are making to respond to the major environmental concerns that we fully share. Come and visit our wineries, our vineyard, and our professional organizations. We look forward to sharing our passion with you. Enjoy discovering the vineyard of Bourgogne! 

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